Jewelry Chests - BUYER BEWARE

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I purchased a very expensive jewelry chest from, Russell Pool Fine Woodworking and gave it to my wife for Christmas 2011.The chest cost $495.00 so we expected it to be very high quality.

After a short period of time, the lid broke off. It came unglued, separated, it just came apart. I contacted Russell Pool and he said that his box would never break like that. He said that we must have slammed the lid or dropped the box, which did not happen.

The customer service was very bad. Then Russell Pool sent another email and said he was certain that the box had been dropped, implying that we were not telling him the truth. After he said these things to us, I did not trust him to make repairs (more$$). He also said that the 10 day return period had expired and he would not give us a refund.

The box was supposed to have a lifetime guanantee. That is a joke.

I consulted with a local craftsman about repairs and he said the glue joints were very poorly done.The BBB was no help because they said the 10 day return period had expired.


Durango, Colorado, United States #588178

I am the owner of the and would like to explain.

The customer complained to the Better Business Bureau. The customer next complained to North Carolina Consumer Protection Agency. Both organizations sided with our perspective.

The customer wanted us to refund his months 3 months after purchase. Even today, 2 years later, we will continue to honor our lifetime guarantee to replace any defective product,his included. In that the consumer has not requested such, after repeated communications, we suspect the product was abused.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. 888-731-5100 Russ Pool

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